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Ponteuf goes to the Middle Kingdom, walks on walls, fights ancient warriors and wants to have an affair with a red panda. He also experiments with drugs at altitude....

Pilgrims in Lhasa
Along the Barkhor
Prayer Flags
Woman with Prayer Wheel
Scary Demon
We climbed these
Prayer scarves
Prayer flags at a shrine
Yak butter offerings
Potala Palace
And again
I was there
On the maglev train
Dinner along the river
Shanghai looking East
Shanghai looking West
Floating ads
Maver as communist leader
Into the Sightseeing Tunnel
Ohh, high tech
Offerings to stuffed turtle
Welcome to the future
From the tower
Old Shanghai
Famous tea house
Formal garden
Garden bridge
Wuppa eats Ponteuf
Making Dumplings
Shanghai at night
So much neon
Nanjing Road
Maver loves plastic food