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Ponteuf considers becoming a camel driver and decides that he's really young, in the grand scheme of things. He's also glad no one made him into moussaka.

Egyptian Museum
Tomb of Mohammed Ali
Tomb from the outside
All in black
Who is that figure in black?
Where's Mike?
Great Pyramid
Cairo from the Pyramids
What Year is it?
Second Pyramid
There we are
Do not deal with men with camels
Postcard Shot
Valley of the Kings
King Tut's Tomb
3000 year old paint
Queen Hatshepsut's Temple
Colossi of Memnon
Green and Dry
Nile as the throat and lungs of Egypt
Luxor Temple
One of 26 Statues...
Hey, we're in Egypt
Greek Rubble
Ramses II had a big head
Sphinx Row
Here's where the St Peter's obelisk stood
And here it is now
Karnak Temple looking toward main hall
Looking up at Karnak
Hippostyle Hall of Karnak
The two obelisks left at Karnak
The Karnak Side of the 3km road
Sunset on the Nile
Our resort at 6pm