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Ponteuf gets his kicks on 66 as we head east and south to Tennessee

Oh, the trading posts
I fed them!
Mean little bastards
Arizona? New Mexico? Middle of Nowhere?
Oh, we must be in New Mexico!
See, I was right!
Entering Albequerque
at a diner in ABQ - with great shakes
The Big Texan
Big Cow, Big Car
Cadillac Ranch
Zoomed in
THAT is an armadillo!
and THAT is a grain elevator
Leaning Tower of Texas
roadside bathroom mural
the Old Road
Do Drop Inn
Filler Up Please
A patty melt and a shake, ma'am
Now THERE is a good sign
welcome to Oklahoma
the sign was bigger than the museum
but they did have a metal kachina!
Johnnies, in El Reno OK
Crazy slaw dog
Famous Oklahoma onion burger
and there's El Reno
Oh, the Whale
Oklahoma is OK
Looking east, again
We crossed a tiny corner of IL
and came through KY
before we made it to TN