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19 October 2006



The wine did a good job, I wish we could have shared the bottles. I must point out that I always order more than one flavor of gelato. I miss you and will be happy when we can share a bottle or two. Hope you are successful at the Pharmacia, I answered your email. I know that you will love being in Rome, I had lots of good risotto there. Maybe for Christmas? Will put another log on the fire...XXOO


Ahh the beauty of VONAGE. I can call Italy mostly for free, and in some places at only .40 per minute. Want me to conference Bob?


Hello from Lauren's in San Diego! Janelle and I are pampered and well fed. I'll try a different dessert next time. Janelle and Linda are currently are comatose from too much wine and sushi. Love from L,J and L


let me know when and i'll call

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