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18 October 2006



another amazing experience. You seem to continue to have a connection with diamonds and sky! What does that mean?


I don't know ... diamonds were never my favorite. Something about there and the look of it. Understanding where the cliche comes from? There just seems to be something mystical about it.


Well, diamonds have always been special, makes sense.


I am still suffering from withdrawal from Africa - I even miss the dust!


I am suffering from withdrawal from Africa too and I wasn't even there! I revisit the postings often.

susan perkins

Johnny aka Mr. Peet told me about the website this am and here I am totally admiring your wonderful script and photos...reading about Africa is the first endeavor into your travel narratives and I so look forward into reading it all.

Thanks for sharing it with us,

P.S. I so loved the image of the Armadillo holding up the "leaning tower"

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