> China

Ponteuf goes to the Middle Kingdom, walks on walls, fights ancient warriors and wants to have an affair with a red panda. He also experiments with drugs at altitude....

Great Wall
Five horses abreast
Seriously steep
Snaking away
Like a painting
Look at the drop off
Finally, a camel!
Hungry bear
Remember this in 2008
Temple of Heaven
Roof bguardians
Maver loves Peking duck
Count down clock
Red flags of China
Tour group
Roof lines in the Forbidden City
Imperial door
One of many thrones
Not a speck of green
One of many palaces
Wall in the concubines
Maze of roofs
In the garden
Imposing Corridors
Terra Cotta Army
Still in rubble
Real people
Vast army
Xi'an Street
Fruit seller
Xi'an afternoon
Drum Tower
Plaza with Bell Tower
Small Goose Pagoda
Feasting pillars
Ponteuf is in the money
Chengdu shopping plaza
Oh, Disney
Into trouble
Red Panda closeup
I want one
Flower Show
Park-room Dancing
Serious about the flowers