> Istanbul

Istanbul seemed like it deserved an album of its own.

outside the Aya Sofya
Medusa's Head
The Blue Mosque
Looking Up
Blue Mosque, prayer area for the faithful
Tile Close Up
Cat at Blue Mosque
Aya Sofya
Aya Sofya from the second story
Muslim Ceiling Decoration
through a screen
Mary in the Aya Sofya
Bulk Spices
Turkish Delight
In the Bazaar
Hookahs for Saleb
Turkish Coffee
Blue Mosque, Softly
Sultanhament Tea Seller
Aya Sofya
Gate into Topkapi
Door into the Harem
Women's Bathing Area
Cabinet Doors
Sultan's Mother's Bedroom
in the Harem
Kitchin & Dining area
The Prince's Bedroom
Outside of a Pavilion
Pavilion at Topkapib
in the Topkapi Palace
Still along the Bosphorus
Bosphorus Cruiseb
From our Bosphorus Cruise
The Blue Mosque at night
Whirling Dervish!
In the Kebab Tent at the Ramazan food faire