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Ponteuf loved Castellina, and Castellina loved Ponteuf. Here are a smattering of photos from our time in Tuscany - P-tooey says I take to GD many, and so does Mike, but I say "pffpt" because Italy is gorgeous.

Chianti Sky
Montalcino Chiusa
Another Montalcino Church
Impossibly High
San'Antimo Abbey
Typical Tuscan
Green Velvet
Crete Senese
Pienza Neighborhood
Pienza Town Hall
Siena's Palazzo Pubblico
Florentine Kitty
Anna's Perfetto Italiana Pose
on the Ponte Vecchio
Firenze Palazzo Vecchio
inside the P.Vecchio
Santa Croce
inside S.Croce
Gallileo's Tomb
unknown tomb, but striking
typical Florence
il Duomo
so typically Italiano
feed bags!
Ponte Vecchio
Arno at dusk
Maver & Banana
Maver with Ape
on the Chiantigiana
Monte Siepi
San Galgano
Priest's robes with fresco
inside are the creepy arms
It leans! and Ponteuf & I hold it up!
Don't Stop Pushing it Back Up, Maver
Campo di Miracoli
Such a STRONG armadillo!
Chianti Cypress
Wild Pheasant
Cortona Alley
For Anna - A Confessional
Cortona Corner
Cute but not tasty