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Ponteuf eats too much sashimi, makes offerings to the fox-deity at the temple and frolics in an overabundance of packaging and silica gel.

Doko Hachiko?
Soba lunch spot
And across the street
Vending machine heaven
Shrine in the middle of concrete
Akihabara -Electric Town
On the subway
Temple market
Rice cookies
Temple walkway
Wishing Schoolgirls
Pagoda at Senso-ji
Workingclass Tokyo
Purification water for Shrine
Streetside cafe
In Tsukiji
Oh, the fish
Tuna heads
That's tuna he's cutting
Magical squid
Andy and Ponteuf
Eel Restaurant, Downtown Kyoto
Shrine at night
Plastic Food of Nastiness
Its Christmas for the Colonel
Garden Perfection
Rocks for Contemplation
Weathered Tori
Shrine Entrance
If Wishes were Horses
Ring the Bell, Call the Diety
Japanese Smokey the Bear
Japanese Aesthetic
Family Outing
Just Someone's Gate
On the Philosopher's Way
Ootoyojinja Shrine
Artful Sand
Honenin Temple
Serious Moss
Ginkakuji Temple
Gion District
Drunk Food
Himeji Castle
Inside the Living Quarters