> New Zealand

Ponteuf loves the campa, swims with seals, kayaks and squeals at the sheep!

Kaikoura Beach
Downtown Kaikoura
South Island East Coast
Drivin' the Campa
Crayfish Shack (duh)
Blenheim Camper Park
Our campsite
Wine Country, NZ style
headed North
from the Kayak, Abel Tasman
Upside-down and backwards photo
Cookie stop
Gorgeous Blue
Look at us!
Anchorage Bay
the Astrolabe
Tree Fern Canopy
Tropical Coast
Silver Lining
It was all like this
More Abel Tasman shore
we tracked!
Fabulous Food
Great Breakfast
Reefton downtown
Out the window
typical scenery
where are the sheep?
Looks like small town America
the downtown core was all like this
more Oamaru
old wool building
Moeraki Boulders
boulder close up
and more
Ponteuf Boulders
inside a boulder
along the boulder beach
Hey, I'm on a boulder
Mike rises from a boulder
Where are the sheep? (again)
Speight's Brewery
Tasting Beer