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Ephesus, Pamukkale & Cappadocia - and, of course, Ponteuf!

Bits o Column
Looking down the main street in Ephesus
Ephesus Mosaics
Frieze on the Temple
Arch of the Temple of Hadrian
Library of Celsus, full on
Library of Celsus
et tu, Pontuef?
Ephesus Amphitheatre
Ponteuf buys a Kilim
Ephesus, Cuertes Way
Ephesus Harbor Road
Maver Barefoot on the Ridge
Barefoot at Pamukkale
Pamukkale Pools
Elkep Evi
More Pink Valley
Ponteuf at the Pink Valley
Aimee & Camel
Caves everywhere
Looking out a cave
More Fairy Chimneys
Fairy Chimneys
More Caves
Zelve Open Air Museum
Chapel of St Barbara
Goreme Valley
Ponteuf Caesar
Ephesus from the top
Temple of Hadrian
at the Library of Celsus
Emperor Maver
Goreme Castle